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To come up with a product or service does take a lot of hard work. However, marketing the same is a lot tougher. Just to remind you that this is not a one-day chore, but an everyday one. Marketing and advertisements were always a part of every business. It is just that the past held more weightage for traditional marketing systems and today the same concept has gone digital.

If yesterday, you got to know about a product through the colorful glossy prints tucked within newspapers, today you can open Google and see any advertisement about any product worldwide. Each of the marketing platforms that we discuss here has its own share of pros.

Today, marketing has gone beyond conventional TV ads and that is why Marketing Ideas need to be creative, and feasible to be digitally marketable too. This is one way you can sustain and beat the competition that surrounds your realm of work. Still, on the other hand, there are some Traditional Marketing Platforms that have to be executed for a real impact.

This time, we have multiple marketing ideas to try out for your next business marketing campaign or plan. Join in and see the digital marketing ideas for your business right below. Choose what suit your business, your niche, your customers, and also the business environment in which you wish to make a solid footprint.

Traditional Content Marketing Platforms

Traditional Marketing is a time phase where people did talk, and made the world aware of how the theory product or service was special. This is suitable for almost all kinds of businesses that are tangible in nature. In fact, if you have a local business of any niche, this is a viable choice to have stable sales and increase your ROI.

Using Traditional Marketing Platforms for Marketing Initiatives

Why Traditional Marketing still holds value in the world of Marketing? For the simple reason, that it has the power to reach out to a larger audience and can communicate to all ages, this is one effective marketing concept even as decades go by.

It is true that today, people spend most of their time online, but still, the sheer joy of seeing the advertisement that pops up in the streets lends a certain level of nostalgia and visual effects to all of us.

Don’t you stop by to admire the film advertisements that have been raised on huge banners and billboards? That is how striking they look to the passerby. In short Traditional Marketing is widespread, and will certainly strike attention. However, the defect lies in the fact that it is more expensive and marketing managers never actually get the numbers of how many people actually may take the next step to initiate positive action.

Types of Traditional Marketing Channels for Diverse Businesses

  1. Billboards

    These huge boards can be built on wooden or metallic materials, exhibiting in the most interesting manner. You could have a canvas, or printed glossy paper to design and print out to place on the Billboards.

  2. Flyers

    An effective and ironically very old method of advertising – that still holds value today in the world of advertisement. Such glossy printed papers are a delight for the target audience, as the entire content is presented in the fusion of colors and a medley of crisp, scripted material.

  3. Face to Face Interactions and Meetings

    Nothing is more convincing than a face to face talk. It builds credibility and increases the approachability of the company team. The experience is tangible and you know the response rate on the spot of interaction. This is a great method to meet your corporate clients and even normal people who like to talk one to one and then make the buy.

  4. Print Advertisements

    A recent study at Temple University found that more than 60% of people actually pay attention to print ads as they can read them at their pace and the tangible experience of printed materials is one of a kind. For instance, the happiness generated by getting a wedding invitation in place of a digital invite.

  5. Phone Calls

    Whether we stress enough about the fact or not, a sales phone call gives a personalized touch to the entire experience. It powerfully leaves the prospective customer connected to the voice at the other end.

  6. SMS

    We all dislike those old style SMS, and unknowlignyl, we sit to read what each SMS offers. This is why they are rewarding. These small snippets of messages on your smartphone catch the attention with no coaxing at all.

  7. Conventions and Meetups

    Brand awareness is part of any marketing strategy and some of the best moments are when you can present your product at conventions or corporate meet-ups. Got informal or religious convention – talk to people, explain the goodness of your product, share your contacts, etc.

  8. Exhibitions

    Secure your place there too, display your products, and see how people flock in. Exhibitions are hotspots where people come in to be aware of new products and get the best deals to shop from, So, naturally, be there for them.

  9. Postal Mailers

    Just above, we mentioned the joy of receiving a personalized wedding invite by mail. The same goes for postal mailers. People take time to open the envelopes and read every bit of such messages. It sticks to their mind.

  10. Television advertisements

    The love for Nirma and Amul Butter and so many other brands have never vanished from our childhood minds, as these Tv ads have created a visual bond with us. When they endorse the brand with celebrities we connect with, the impression leverages all the more.

  11. Radio Announcements

    For those who belong to the 80s era, there was a time when our grandparents started the day with radio announcements. It was verbal and the time spend dutifully listening to the anchor was truly inspiring. This connection stays even today and the dramatically placed advertisements are engaging for all ages.

  12. Postcards

    A postcard is a crisp form of explaining the product offer and is not intended for very fancy conversations. These have been sent via postal mode. Postcards are great for letting customers read, and be reminded continually of their physical presence at home.

  13. Shop coupons

    Coupons are the first love of any shopper who takes to offline shopping. So, these coupons can project the brand easily.

  14. Samples

    Samples are another physical form of convincing that the product is a reliable choice. You may have seen free cake or sweet samples at the store. Alternatively, people love to try our free makeup rounds, and so much more.

  15. Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements

    If print advertisements have found a place in Traditional content marketing, so are the newspapers and magazines. These marketing channels of traditional marketing have been announcing store launches, new product offers, and so much more in the local marketing channels.

Digital Content Marketing Platforms

Digital Marketing is a fairly new concept that has evolved over the one decade. It has seemed into our marketing strategies in every organization large and small. It purely uses the internet and various social media channels to catch the attention and reach out to the target audience.

Using Digital Channels for Marketing Ideas

Going Digital is not for the faint hearted for sure. A personality, entrepreneur business, and service are more accessible, scrutinized, and also noticed with Digital Marketing. That is the power of going digital.

No celebration happens without a clap and that’s the kind o advertising noise that any business should look out for, Using various digital platforms, businesses can reach out to mass audiences within a few clicks, get leads and create a tailor made user journey too. Having said this, just as impactful as Digital Platforms can be, there is immense work behind the scenes.

If you are heading the marketing team or are a digital marketer, then this research listed right below is especially for you. Get a hang of it and make sure to bookmark these powerful marketing ideas to promote your business with ease.

Types of Digital Marketing Platforms Suitable for All Businesses

Content Marketing Platforms
Content may be the main medium of communication. However, the right tone, frequency, and of course on the right platform matters a lot. Not every content triggers attention. So, if you need that recognition, this is how you work on it. As digital marketing experts, we know where to place content to bring forth results.All platforms support various types of content according to their characteristics.

Content Ad Networks

You may have seen small columns and rows of brands popping in between any blog or article page you read on the internet. Those small pieces of attractive branded content are content ad networks. Check out a few networks where brands can associate and place the advertisement in between the content without hindering the flow of the reading experience.

    1. GAD – Google Ad Network

      This is Google’s way of showcasing advertisements in their search lists. Here there are two types of networks: the Search Network and the Display Network. The former focus on partnering with third party content sites, Shopping websites, etc. the latter concentrates on images and videos from YouTube and other formats.

    2. Taboola

      This is an innovative content ad model where the advertisements are tailor made to suit the search results of the web viewer. This form of targeted marketing follows analytics and presents content that matches the interests and past searches of the user.

    3. Outbrain

      A promotion content ad network whereby businesses can drive website traffic by suggesting ads within their content and thereby earning money in this way. The company partners with top websites like Bloomberg so that the ads get more views and leadsGear up your business visibility with some impactful Ads Networks

      Social Media Marketing Platforms 

    4. Facebook 

      One of the oldest and most versatile social media platforms that digital marketers plunge in to share, promote and pick sales leads for any business, connect with their community, and expand their growth goals.

    5. Instagram

      The youthful and vibrant Instagram has moved from just a photo sharing app today. Today, it brings together corporates and a versatile collection of audiences into one platform to mingle, collaborate and influence creatively.

    6. Linkedin

      Professional networking is not just to leverage your career, but to upscale your business visibility on Linkedin, share product updates, and offers, and make your page a knowledge hub.

      Video Marketing Platforms 

    7. YouTube (videos & shorts)

      YouTube is no new name for all of us. It garnered a large scoop of the audience with a blend of long and short videos namely videos and shorts respectively. Content creators can add advertisements to earn revenue too.

    8. Vimeo

      Take your visuals like online tutorials, conversations and so many interesting formats to Vimeo easily now. With an exquisite set of features, each video is an experience for the audience.

    9. Periscope

      Brought forwards by Twitter, this is a social media app that allows publishers to broadcast and share their business updates through engaging conversations live videos, etc.Video marketing is never a nutshell, but so much more massive. Check out more video platforms.

      Mobile Marketing Platforms 

    10. In-App Marketing on Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram

      Mobile Apps like Facebook, Linkedin, and Telegram use this technique. They include small display ads before a video begins or probably when you want to move to another page. Then there are Interstitial ads, where small ads pop up on e-commerce websites, or even in the game apps, as you move from one level to another. For example, this is what happens in music apps where ads are run between various songs

    11. WhatsApp and Snapchat

      They have very interesting ways to share videos and GIFs across groups and friends. This will help professionals and marketing managers share campaigns, fill up forms, and even videos through these channels. In the case of Snapchat, since it is about photos and videos, companies can use it to send personalized images to the concerned.

    12. Uber

      For those who this quick on-call taxi service across the world, you may have got personalized messages from their side It could be a birthday or a shopping coupon based on your details. This connects people further with the brand.


What’s on your mind?

Now, was that a lot of information to comprehend? Just to pique your learning vibe, the blog is just the beginning of something even more result centric. Each of these marketing ideas in traditional and digital making does give you an idea, and there are more options for each of these. Venture into each of them, pick your set of choices, try them out, and see from where the real results come forth to your table.

To know more, or even get a tailor made marketing strategy to promote your business idea, products, and services, we can curate and fix the missing gaps for you. Get in touch.

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