Okay, You’ve launched your platform/startup/MVP!

Now, where do you find your first set of customers, the paying ones?

However great your website is, the reality check is that you need to reach out to your potential customers? People who need your services/products need to know about you. Have you done that? Or are you figuring on where to start, how to start, or perhaps – your team is baffled on how to impress your probable customer? This stressful phase is natural and that is the homework we love doing for you – Pinpointing your potential customers!

Are you convincing enough for your users to buy your product?

Startups often have mind-blowing products/ services in their kitty, but the pathway to reach out to the customers is not defined. That leads to excessive overhead expenses and bringing an end to the entrepreneurial journey. We are the digital connoisseurs who show the pros, cons, hidden possibilities, the competitor analysis and the most feasible digital methodology to follow and ensure you are on the right track of business.

What we do?


We show you where they exist –
your customers!
  • Write down a complete product architecture document on which we explain the modifications, additions & missing points that you need to include in your website to make it optimised for better conversions.
  • Places where you need to post the solutions your customers are searching for
  • Places where you need to project yourself
  • Places where you don’t have any footprints but need to imprint them

We go through more than ‘15+ top powerful platforms’ where your clientele’s/users/customers lies & share those exact pages or places with you by pinpointing the strategy & exact thing you need to do so that you can go ahead & execute the recommended suggestion by helping your user resolve their issue which in turn credited as your income.

Hey, What’s our role?

Yup, we channelize you to your customers, strategically!

We go through more than 15+ top powerful platforms where your clientele’s/users/customers lies & share those exact pages or places with you by pinpointing the strategy & exact thing you need to do so that you can go ahead & execute the recommended suggestion by helping your user resolve their issue which in turn credited as your income.

Question answering

Pointing out online spaces to Post Solutions where customers search for answers

Project and promote

Pointing out platforms to project and promote yourself

New platforms

Pointing out online spaces where are not know yet, and have to be strongly visible.

Platforms we cover

We scrutinize over 15+ top powerful platforms, thereby listing out places where your potential clientele’s/users/customers are. Then pinpoint strategies, specify the exact course of action that would help you execute customer solutions seamlessly. This would build your customer base, profits, ROI and internet visibility in the long run.

Keyword Research
EAT Analysis
Niche Forums
Startup Directories
Competitor’s places
Blog ideas

Customer Acquisition Service at $1499

1 Hour – Live Video Call with Achyuthan


  • Onsite SEO
  • Onsite SEO Conceptualisation document
    (Detail document on what is missing & what has to be done – onsite seo wise)
  • Google Search Related
  • PAA – People Also Ask (100 PAAs)
  • Google Organic Result URLs
  • Bold Keywords
  • Related Searches
  • People Also Search for
  • Google Image Search Related
  • Ranking Image Domains
  • Google Image – Related Topics
  • Google Image – Related Searches
  • Google News & Videos
  • Top 20 Ranked News
  • Top 10 Ranked Video
  • Strategies Mentioned
  • Video Strategy
  • Images Strategy
  • Q & A Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Users/Customers from Reddit
  • Users/Customers from Quora
  • Users/Customers from Fb Groups
  • Users/Customers from LinkedIn
  • Laser Targeted Growth Hacks
  • Product Improvement Suggestions
  • Sites to get listed in
  • 20 + Listicles to reach out (will include as many as possible)
  • 30 + Growth hacking sites & blogs to get listed in
  • 30+ Powerful Platforms to get listed in
  • 30+ Quora Posts to Reply / To get mentioned
  • 30 + Reddit Posts to Reply / To get mentioned
  • 3 – 5 Newsletters to get listed in
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis of top 3 competitors
  • Complete Backlink Strategy
  • Onsite SEO Strategy
  • Keywords they target
  • How can we outrank their top pages?
  • As much as competitor ad copies
  • Backlink Strategy
  • Backlink suggestions to execute.
  • 404 page – broken backlink suggestions.


10+ clients for you, to reach out

Turn Around Time – 14 days

50 Prospective Clients

  • 50 Prospective clients
  • Thoroughly study your service/product. 
  • Filtering the prospective clients who match your service description.
  • Report will be shared in google sheet.
  • Report will contain the details of the client with a note on ‘how’ to approach them.
  • Available contact information & social media profiles will be shared.
Turn Around Time – 14 days Get this now

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis of the top 3 competitors that you mention.
  • Complete Backlink Strategy 
  • Onsite SEO Strategy 
  • Keywords they target 
  • How can we outrank their top pages in SERPS?
  • Listing out the competitor’s ad copies
Turn Around Time – 14 days Get this now

SEO Report

₹7500 || $100
  • Keyword Research.
  • 20 Guest Blogs to reach out.
  • 10 Similar Blogs found.
  • 30 Main Backlinks of 1 Competitor.
  • 20  Listicles to reach out.
  • 15  Startup directories to get listed.
  • 30 Reddit & Quora places you need to be present.
  • 2 Email Newsletters to reach out.
  • 10 PAAs (People Also Ask) detailed.
  • Upto 5 Twitter handles to reach out.
Turn Around Time – 3 days Get this now


This is a Growth Hacking plan which is completely customized and tailor-made according to the specific requirements of the product/service. It’s a massive job that requires rational human effort and expertise to find out the right spot to hit. This is done by covering 100+ different platforms/networks, where dedicated human effort has to be put in to carve out the right plan for the startup to get their first set of customers. As its definition says, Growth Hacking is an umbrella of all the plans solely focused on growth & that’s what we are offering here along with a 1-hour live session with Achyuthan who is adept in finding the right spots for the startups/companies to start off with their marketing efforts. Moreover, this is a document that requires a huge amount of investment for any team to get it compiled. Since we were doing it for the last 6 months, we were able to formulate a process that we could completely pay justice to & packaged it in pricing much lower than a startup/business would be spending on their marketing efforts.

That was the thought of the past and that happened because companies never handled their marketing and customer acquisition process in the right manner. We target your audience not with wild guesses, but after understanding your product, your brand, your goals, the persona of the company and that will help us build the foundations for your customer base. If the homework is done, then your marketing costs will be reduced to half of what most companies are spending now on social media. Get real, get organic, get strategic is what Logicranks strategy mantra is all about.

Starting off, is every business/ entrepreneur successful? Why is that? Simply put, it is not that products/ services are bad around the globe, but the fact that your customers do not even know that you are providing a fab product /service like this. For this, we do the homework to search them out in the ‘right places’ and help you reach out at the right time, in the right manner. It is a strategy that clicks the sales and helps you gain conversions that upscale your business.

Since it requires a lot of time & effort to compile it & prepare the pricing we offer, we will be sharing the ‘report’ by detailing what should the startup/business to do under each category. If you would like us to execute the plan for you, please contact us via our email – achyuthan@logicranks.com

Step 1 – We have a fair understanding of your goals, your requirements, your market audience.
Step 2 – We check your website health in terms of SEO and suggest the changes to be made by analysing the current competitors, google searches made by users etc.
Step 3 – List down probable places where you can have an exposure.
Step 4 – Hunt down your probable customers in various digital venues.
Step 5 – Note down your competitor analysis & their marketing/business strategies.
Step 5 – Guide you on how to play the right game with our proven CA report

For CA Plan – its 14 days (working)
For 50 Prospective Clients – 7 days(working)
For Competitor Analysis – 7 days(working)
1 Hour Digital Marketing Consultation – 1 Hour

Just like one dress does not fit all sizes, there is no common plan for customers and conversions. Every startup/ business is unique and so your customers and the corresponding strategies will differ. Sit down for a quick, 15 minute talk with Achyuthan a startup junkie and see what he has to say about your venture. Our service difference has to be felt face to face.

  • In this one hour, our Digital wizard Achyuthan, will give you a complete breakdown of your business/ startup’s present status, and what needs to be improved to make it a Search Engine Optimized website. The consultation session will be based on the search engine quality guidelines, EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) suggested by Google.
  • Going back to your query, if you are ready to follow per se to the strategy, then you can get your customers.
  • In this one hour, the focus will be to understand your product/ service, and a detailed insight of the various strategies to be used on different platforms will be shared with you.
  • Get your report in just one hour today

  • The name says it all! You will get to know the strategies of your top ‘3’ competitors in the industry that you mention to us.
  • Once you select this plan, we understand your product/ service, your audience and find your competitor’s online marketing strategies.
  • After thorough analysis we give you a comprehensive report on keywords they target, their onsite seo strategies and also the backlink strategies to adopt.
  • Digital ad copies of competitors will be listed out.
  • Your report will include how you can outrank their SERPS (Search Engine Positions). Own your Competitor Analysis Plan today.

  • After a thorough study, interaction and analysis about your product/service, you will be handed over a complete report of 50 Prospective clients.
  • You will be able to get a ready to use report that details the prospective clients
  • We will guide you as to how to approach them and where to approach them also.
  • This report will be given in google sheets within 7 days. If you like to give this a try, get it right here

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