What is Ui/Ux Engineering / Designing?

Are there websites that catch your attention with a ‘Wow’ note? Well, that is the magic of the UI/UX designing.. UI/UX Designing translates information into an intuitive user experience that is seamless, free flowing, thereby adding a definitive persona to your virtual space. In short, if you want to get noticed as a trending digitally smart company, we’ve got your back ..[ ]

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How do we give you aesthetically, seamless UI/UX Designs?

Research & Case Analysis 01

Each work is researched, broken down for definitive, detailed case analysis, and this Product Architecture document is handed over to our UI/UX design architects.

Creating Basic Wireframes 02

We create minimalistic, researched basic wireframes from scratch, and will be shared and approved with the client before getting into the Ui/Ux designing.

Setting the User Experiences 03

From pleasant interactions to soothing themes, comfortable new age ergonomics, functionally free-flowing experiences – we deliver awesomeness in our intuitive UI/UX Designing process.

Adding Colors 04

We facilitate the perfect UI/UX Designs formula with modern frames that embrace addictive color flows by adding value, and personality to the website.

Adding the Interactions 05

After the user experience and the perfect colour, infusions are done, this spectrum of interactions includes CTA buttons, meaningful label buttons, chat bubbles, interesting swipe flow interactions.

Final Round of Ux Testing 06

Finally, the fine elements of UI/UX Designing are added, and the usability factor of Ux Testing is evaluated. Here we remove imperfections that would destroy the aesthetic design flow.

What makes us unique?

Logicrank's Ui Ux Design Service


We conduct full-fledged brainstorming sessions to meet extraordinary user experiences, reach targeted groups in order to achieve a novel user-friendly digital experience.

Easy navigation

Hey, If your website movements are confusing, that’s a drag! If they can move from one page to another, use CTA buttons, contact you seamlessly, that’s good navigation!

Best performing

Sluggish websites are a no, coz they get high bounce rates! We focus on strategic website monitoring, optimizing the user experience, and upscale the web traffic in a sustained manner.

How to associate with

Logic Ranks for UI/UX Designing?

Anyone can make websites, but Logic Ranks creates powerful UI/UX Designing processes that would help websites get noticed to earn money. All you need to do is: Send in your requirements, schedule a brain-storming session, figure the options, finalise on one UI/UX Designing process that would appeal to your targeted visitors.

We handle websites with care, give it a personality that would make anyone fall in love with the charisma it offers. The Logic Ranks experts are a rare breed and our association would upscale your business to the next level. Why not give work with us, if you wanna get noticed tomorrow?

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Not pleased with your website?

Need a brand new digital space?

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Reach out to us, and we’ll give a power packed website, totally customized to meet your requirements, with enhanced user experience, and will soon have a dominant space in the digital world.

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