Our Story

Fundamentally, we are a group of professionals who love going an extra mile, to ensure you get the desired results. This is what makes LogicRanks stand out in the crowd. Every project is handled like our very own, and therefore you will get a stable quality of work in all the processes we carry out from scratch. We support clients with top-notch tailored advice on their Web Design Conceptualisation, Ui/Ux, Content & Digital marketing needs.

What is our USP?


When a client approaches us with a requirement, our highlight happens to be the analytical and logical breakdown of the website. This will where we have a sincere, one to one discussion with the client on how we do Digital Marketing Conceptualization. You will not find this strategy anywhere except in LogicRanks. Once the foundation is set, then we move to the Ui/Ux design along with the content inclusion, then finally to the web development.

With a mind to explore the untold, we have helped creative entrepreneurs attain high-quality ‘Search perfect' websites. Be it designing a website by keeping the ranking factors in mind or lead generation methods, if you need any assistance with anything related to digital marketing...







Who are we?

Our team is small, but efficient. The experts in this creative bubble work on giving you results that are long lasting, logical and totally approved and up to date as per the Digital Marketing dynamics.

The prime initiator behind this novel idea or ethical, legitimate digital service is Achyuthan, am a Digital Entrepreneur & founder of Logicranks.com, a professional self-learned Digital Media Marketing Strategist, passionate about creating a profound digital presence for companies, start-ups, NGO, and even personalities around the globe. A 4-time startup creator, a brainstormer, and a strong-willed innovator.

The rest of the team includes developers, designers, content writers and project management experts who brainstorm to give the finest digital marketing solution and yes, it will be above what you expect.

Kerala, India

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