Are you satisfied with the way people respond to your social media posts? Are you looking for something more attention-grabbing so that your sales charts grow exponentially? Being present on every platform is tricky; every digital marketer faces this today. Social Media Marketing is a familiar term to us today. Many may have heard the concept, and juggling through customer expectations can be really painstaking if you are not creative.

To ease down this search for the best social media marketing ideas that can augment your brand visibility, we have listed our various methods to use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, etc in a result oriented pattern. Before you scroll down, just a small reminder, that this will evolve further on, as we experiment with more proven strategies every day.


Table of Contents

Facebook Social Media Marketing Ideas

1. Connect with the Facebook Live campaign

Connect with the Facebook Live campaign - social media marketing idea

Going live never fails. Previously people got to shop, and talk to shop salesmen face to face. Today, whether you have a gadget store, bookstore, fashion, or even an eatery, all people first want to see your Google reviews. So, instead, if you are a new company, go live, launch a campaign, and keep your target audience in the loop of conversations.


2. Sweepstakes are an eye-grabber!

We all love games, don’t we? So, head for sweepstakes as they are pretty attractive and engaging. Make sure to gift the winner your brand product or service, as that could be a lead or even a great word of mouth.

3. Storyline your Facebook Advertisement

Facebook is an excellent medium to share an advertisement. On the other hand, people generally avoid ads if given a chance. So, instead, present the same concept with a story, an experience, or a review. Just build the curiosity and prompt them to enter a link and read further. This will initiate actions without compelling them.

4. Be a solution giver

Be a solution giver - social media marketing idea

Complaints have a non-stop affair with any business, so why not use them as a tool to engage with your audience? Customer service or complaint resolution always raises your credibility levels. With a pretty informal crowd on Facebook, when digital marketers take the time to answer queries, give solutions to earn trust, converse and boost brand visibility.

5. Images to videos are truly power-packed

The world is quick and images and videos are an effective way to keep your audience hooked to your Facebook page, They would naturally take more time to look at a picture, or see a video and share them, making it a story, rather than reading a story or essay that you would have posted about the brand.

6. Engage creatively with photo contests

Photos are a glimpse of our happy moments or triumph or anything for that matter. Channelize this into branding and use this as a powerful social media marketing idea. For instance, if you have a sneaker ad to run, instead, ask followers to wear your brand and post a photo. Encourage them, to gain more likes, and comments and thereby promote your brand. Of course, do gift them something worthy – as that will reflect on the brand ethos too.

7. Coupons are a no brainer

Promote coupons - social media marketing idea

A little discount and some shopping coupons can turn on any passive customer in your Facebook group. That would kickstart a shopping or social media conversation taking your social media engagement to the next level of sales lead growth.


Instagram Social Media Marketing Ideas

8. Tag friends and get friends into your conversations

Tag friends and get friends into your conversations - social media marketing idea

Being social is always a pleasure and Instagram allows you to be active with no ifs and buts. So, get the tag game going on, post anything related to your brand, and let friends join and share comments.

9. Collaborate for Influencer Marketing

Social Media influencers are a huge takeaway when you want to promote a brand. Check your budget, check their influencer follower count, and collaborate to represent the business, For example, you may have seen global influencers like Kim Kardashian whose one post earns a million odd clicks.

10. Reel Explainer videos

Explain the product features with interesting reels on Instagram as it has the capacity to be shared easily. Let it be fun and an easygoing conversation, and attach trending audio to it.

11. Giveaway Partnerships

It is a great marketing idea to partner up with any other brand or influencer and then promote your business. They should not be your competitor. For instance, in case you are a makeup store, then pair up with jewelry or fashion companies. Send out a photo-sharing competition to use both brands and give the winner with something related to both brands.

12. Influencer Takeovers

Influencer Takeovers - Social Media Marketing Ideas

This is a fun aspect where strong personality influencers can take over the brand, and influence your followers, and also theirs to be part of your customer base. They could visit your store in any other geo location, and tag you on their Instagram feeds and reels.

13. Tag high profile accounts

Whether you like it or not, people always relate to impressive personalities in various fields. It could be actors, speakers, environmentalists, politicians, and business tycoons. Tag them whenever you reach out to them, arrange a product launch with them, or have a live talk with them on Instagram videos. People love to see the connection and such moments can go viral. That is when the brand can be marketed seamlessly on social media.

14. Link and monetize your eCommerce website

You can always place a link on your Instagram profile and exhibit your product on the page. Interested buyers can directly hop into your shopping platform. That will monetize the whole online business.


Linkedin Social Media Marketing Ideas

15. Company profile

LinkedIn Company profile

Establish your company profile on the official business Linkedin page. Let the world know the company culture, products, and brand identity. Make sure that the content is SEO centric so as to leverage the search results.

16. Linkedin Native Content and Ads

Being native on Linkedin has a profound impact on the search and credibility of the page, These are attractive and informative videos created and uploaded directly on Linkedin, rather than simply sharing a link from some other website or social media platforms.

17. Linkedin Newsletter

Get the professional tone perfected with the regular mont

hly or even weekly newsletter that connects with the audience about the latest company plans, ideologies, and more. The information keeps the customer engaged and it could convert into feasible sales leads.

18. Brand awareness updates

Always keep customers in the loop of your conversations. Post small updates on the page, ask for comments, invite polls, and keep the audience updated about your latest ventures. Remember only a company that thinks ahead is trusted and relied upon. So, never remain stagnant, Think of new expansion and let the audience know that you are worth associating with. 

19. Relevant content

Promote Relevant Content - Social Media Marketing Ideas

If you are a brand that deals with sustainable products, your content should reflect this always. Do not go astray with political comments, or irrelevant jokes. It could be the latest research around the world, new products that you have introduced, and opinions about this niche periodically that should stay focussed on the company line of product goals.

20. Add employees to your Linkedin business page

Not just the CEO or digital marketer of the company needs to connect with the world. You need to have connections that spread the word directly or indirectly. For this, ensure that each of your employees is connected with the business page and share the posts with their circle too.

21. Linkedin Groups

Being solo never helps in social media marketing. So, in Linkedin get a membership in any Linkedin where your target audience exists. That helps to constantly have conversations, execute promotions and share information from your business page.


YouTube Social Media Marketing Ideas

22. Perfect your Video Intro and Outro

Perfect your video intro and outro - social media marketing ideas


The start and end of any video based communication are the attention touchpoints. Design them carefully, to keep your customers lingering there, and further connecting repeatedly.

23. Link Strategically to Website

You talk and share visuals and that does not end there. The audience needs to tag along with you and move to your website to convert the leads into prospective sales. Let them browse your product lines, and initiate a purchase. If you do not link, the video would be a dead end – earning nothing for the company. Therefore a link would complete the sales cycle.

24. Collaborate with You Tuber Personalities

Engage in interesting collaborations with other famous YouTubers who can impress and influence your target audience to associate with you. They are another version of Instagram influencers and do make an impact.

25. Consistent video calendar

Consistent Video Calendar for social media marketing

Be consistent with any kind of product promotion videos on YouTube, If you do it for a week, and then pause, your audience will stagger away. Instead keep the content rolling in, and engage with talk shows and awareness videos, tips, etc.

26. Offer enriched to the last

At the end of the video, you still need to pique the interest levels of the audience. This should be entertainment based and for that keep offers, contests, and quizzes at the end of the video. Make sure to explain it properly in your video description.

27. Video-centric content strategy

Video centric content strategy for social media marketing

Since we are on YouTube, the focus is on video based content. So align your content strategy, images, and team accordingly for this. Decide the themes that need to be posted on a daily and weekly basis.

28. Smart links to your branded products

YouTube can entertain and channelize customers to your website. However, make sure that the right links to specific products or services are placed in between the video as alerts or pop-ups. This way, they can visit the link. Indirectly this would boost the search value of your website and rank it higher on Google.


Twitter Social Media Marketing Ideas

29. Connect with other Twitter contacts

Connect with other twitter contacts


Reach out to your Twitter contacts, appreciate them, and converse to build an interactive community. That will help to present your product lines in a more acceptable manner, This connection can invariably lead to more shares and retweets.

30. Pre-plan your content Schedule

To tweet constable may not always be possible, So, plan out in advance and schedule them. This way, you will have a consistent content posting pattern to showcase.

31. Discuss with the Twitter Round Table

Discussions mean more engagement and that is certainly a plus point when it comes to product marketing and social media marketing. You want more followers, more interactions, more shares, and more tweets, So the round table is a venue to share useful information, add tips to the conversation, and advice on how to use the brand.

32. Add animation and fun to your tweets

Let your tweets be a mix of comical GIFs, and comments so that the interaction is light and yet captures the attention of the audience.

33. Add polls for viewer engagement

Knowing the opinions of the audience is a great way to improve customer service and product user experience. Get creative and announce your sales, and offers and engage random customers on social media.

34. Twitter Moments are great

Twitter Moments are Great


Making each moment count on Twitter surely receives a lot more appreciation by way of retweets. So, turn each of your product marketing campaigns in a moment. Plus, don’t forget to create a unique hashtag that triggers the excitement.

35. QA sessions are bond-building

Just like the information in the form of blogs and articles are value-added, the question-answer session on Twitter offers its own share of relevance. Take this medium of conversation as a form of engagement to convince the target audience and reap more sales leads.


Quora Social Media Marketing Ideas

36. Prep up the Tricky answer game

Prep up the tricky Answer game

Quora is one of the less used social media platforms when it comes to digital marketing and brand promotion, But here is the reality. Quora can help you get attention with a regular string of questions and answers, If you answer right and connect with the product, that is a green signal.

37. Link optimally

Once you answer don’t forget to give them further proof to read. This time, you place links on the concerned page on your website, blog, or ecommerce website. To link in the most optimal manner is one of the brilliant social media marketing techniques to keep in mind. But where you answer, let it sound professional and informative, rather than have a sales touch to the content.

38. Start a conversation or add to the existing ones

You can join in question and answer sessions that match the product features, or USP. This way you will be answering a query and suggesting they try the product. This does indirectly prove that you have the expertise and your product suggestions will be worth trying out.

39. Gain your upvoted with authoritative answers

Gain your upvote with authoritative answers

Quora is all about upvoting unlike the likes and shares on other platforms. So, the more upvotes, the better profile visibility. You can get such upvotes only if have sensible, authoritative answers.

40. Be consistent

Consistency pays in whichever field you work in. In the case of digital marketing, So, keep interacting on these platforms as much as you can in an acceptable and result oriented manner.

41. Engage with relevant answers

There are so many questions posed on Quora, So, choose the ones that are relevant to you or where the program has to be handled.

42. Remove negative with positive QA experiences

Remove Negative with positive qa experince

We are not talking about negative energy, but the negative experiences for Quora by the audience. It was generally meant to help manage, fill in better answers, and get upvotes. This will convert the negative to the positive in no time.


Snapchat Social Media Marketing Ideas

43. Have a Geo filter for official social media purposes

If you are a company, the n your brand can be aesthetically promoted by using the Geo-Filter feature on Snapchat. This helps build easy brand identification, and brand awareness, especially if you are attending or hosting any public meets, conventions, etc.

44. Snapchat Spectacles

A relatively unheard feature is Snapchat Spectacles. It is backed by an AI concept, whereby smart glasses released by Snapchat can be used to sync with the app and record videos, and live shows and post them in seconds. Try this new feature, make a Snapchat story, and promote your brand uniquely.

45. Snapchat Influencer Takeover

Snapchat influencer takeover


Just like the Instagram platform experience, you can associate with top influencers on Snapchat to work with your brand to build the customer base. Ensure that they share the videos on their Snapchat pages and other social media handles too – so that the company brand gets wider coverage.

46. Snapchat Content

If your website is a hub of a lot of unique information about your services, this can be easily shared on Snapchat. Do this with an interesting video to alert their mind. Then link it back to your website and get more website traffic.

47. Go live with a QA

Your expertise has to be shared with the world through an interactive yet very engaging option. This is where the question answer or even discussion panels are a great idea to help people know about your brand expertise and how you cater to the target audience, including your aspirations and success stories as you move along.

48. Backend fun is share-worthy

No one needs to know how to code awesome platforms, or even handle social media marketing on various platforms. Still, the backend process can leave your audience intrigued, by the way, you give shape and identity to each digital endeavor.

49. Coupons and Contests are engagement rich

coupons and contests are engagement rich

Another popular engagement tool that people love to participate in is the Snapchat Contest. You can also issue attractive coupons that are an absolute eye-grabber for online shoppers. These are not practically great for lead generation but will help boost brand awareness.


Reddit Social Media Marketing Ideas

50. Converse with sense, not trend solely

Converse with sense not trend solely

Reddit is a fairly known social media platform that where users can be part of various types of communities as per their interest levels. Make sure that the marketing ideas through reddit are brought forward in these modes subjective to the type of consumer or target collaborators you seek here.

51. Be part of popular subreddits

Search for the best Subreddits with the most number of followers and the number of conversations that get rolled out every hour. Business happens where discussions are a serious effort.

52. Be a positive contributor

To get sales leads in the world of social media where you may not have many credibility factors to showcase. But your conversations are your moment to prove that expertise is part of your word. So, contribute, converse, and interact with value added conversation with your fellow Reddit members

53. RedditAds


Unlike other platforms, you won’t find a large crowd to cater to here. So, the niche can be very targeted and that means your advertising speculations need to be deep and analytical too. Reddit Ads are great for highly engaging ads that need attention and connections from a particular bandwidth of customers.

54. Value added information

There is no fluff in Reddit as everyone here is a serious giver and taker. If you try to play smart, you can risk being banned from the Reddit group. So share only valuable information that can leverage your worthiness on the online front. Here we have listed some free reddit tools that help you to explore Reddit 

55. Play with images and other visuals as per the rules

By the way, Reddit has got rules to follow. This will change as per the Sub Reddit groups that you enter. Follow the rules, share images, links, and comments in the manner permitted and you will be in good books.

56. Link posts as permitted

There is a provision to link your website links, and blog posts on certain Subreddits. First, it is best to read the rules, and then post the links to your content on Reddit.


Pinterest Social Media Marketing Ideas

57. It’s about Visual Marketing

Its about visual marketing

Pinterest is all about powering up the visual game in the world of social media. Build images that consistently tag with your brand theme and can be noticed in the rapid shuffle of images on this app.

58. Pin your posts

Pin-up and make sure the world gets to know the creative smith within you. To Pin, the most engaging or most viewed posts are a great tactic on Pinterest. This way, people get engaged in an instance without having to search much for the best posts on your boards.

59. Your market is huge!

Most entrepreneurs are not aware of the audience that lingers on Pinterest. Do you know that over 150 million users surf through Pinterest and communicate on this platform on a monthly basis? Get in there to find your niche crowd.

60. Appealing and SEO enriched is a must

This is a pure visual based platform and therefore only high quality images are preferred here. Make sure that you use the right SEO enriched descriptions and communicate in a crisp and direct manner. This makes your images search worthy on Google.

61. The Hashtag Power

Undoubtedly hashtags, when used at the right time can trigger a viral wave of views and attention to your social media platform. Keep a note of hashtags that can be part of your content calendar.

62. Don’t compromise on quality images

Dont compromise on quality images


Since here on Pinterest only the images do the talk, you cannot do away with low quality images. The size should have the 2: 3 aspect and make sure you get clear images. That will help in portraying your quality.

63. The Pin Boards Matter

Pinterest is formed with pins and boards. So, if you have an e-commerce website, you can make a Board exclusively for this, and add all the pins and images related to this. This means you have an organized board to present to your viewers.


Winding Up

Social Media Marketing Ideas hold a quintessential part of Digital Marketing. By now, you much have a decent grip on the various platforms that you can approach and build a stable footprint on it too. Please note that often companies think social media platforms cannot be used to reach out purposes on direct mode. Here, the difference, you need to play around with the content depending on your niche and the type of social media platform you use. The marketing ideas will have to create a tailor made pattern depending on what trends are every day ruling the feeds.

In Digital Marketing, use analytics to understand how your posts, images, videos, and communication are receiving the response, how long they take to convert, and what you should be doing next. These social media marketing ideas are substantial to get a higher noticeability in the most cost effective and trendy manner. If you still feel overwhelmed, it’s best that the digital marketing creators here, give you a curated helping hand to get those sales climbing up the profit graphs.

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