25 Facts How SEO can boost your business brand value

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The term SEO – search engine optimization, has more effect than most businesses and business owners think. Most people associate it with keywords and gaining visibility on the Google search engine. But, there is much more analysis and work behind the world of SEO. It plays a wholesome role in adding brand value to the business and the benefits the businesses acquires from it. 

In the world of business, whether you have an existing eCommerce business, a fashion store, or perhaps a service oriented company anywhere in this world – you will need SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) to get started, get noticed, and sustain in the world of competition. In case you want to revamp or upgrade your business or want to start a new entrepreneurial journey, SEO should be your back end support system to run the business.

Here as you read on further, we have outlined how SEO can benefit any business to work its way to gaining recognition on the Internet, gaining leads, and earning a continual income. This rule will hold good irrespective of the business you are working on.

What is SEO for Business?

Okay you have a website of any nature and of course – this needs to generate business, right? Back in yesteryears, if you had a physical store, you could have customers with good customer service and a word of mouth. Today, the case of different. If you have a business today anywhere in this world, you can extend the services to your customers at a global level. This is possible through websites and mobile apps only. If such websites need to be seen by your target audience, the website has to be listed on major Internet search engines like Google and Bing.

To be listed and noticed on Google, it needs to be powered by the science of SEO. This means that when your website has content that is SEO centric, there are higher chances of being listed on the first page of the search engine.

Only if you are listed on the first page, your customers will notice you amid the vast collection of competing businesses. SEO helps to shape the content, images, videos, website design, and development structure in such a way that it helps a customer to initiate interest and take action. That will yield more leads and generate sales for your online business.

What is SEO for Business?

Definition of SEO

SEO can be expanded as Search Engine Optimization. This is a well researched process whereby a website is optimized to be readily findable by the target audience, thereby enhancing page content quality, sensible page navigations, sound technical dynamics, and relevant, value added content.

SEO is a much needed pathway for every website to be considered eligible enough to be search worthy, content worthy, and configured in the most optimal manner, to be ranked right at the No.1 page for a search query.

Role of SEO for Business in Digital Transformation

Want your customers to see your website on the internet? If that has to happen, SEO has to be applied to the website. No matter how well your UiUx design and development have been done, if they are not structured as per the SEO guidelines – the truth is that – you won’t get the market for your business. If you need a business uplift, then a strategic digital transformation via SEO has to be done. The best part of SEO done in a planned and consistent manner is that it is a form of result driven organic marketing.

If you have a physical store, you will understand that societal, and financial regulations can disrupt businesses to a certain limit. However, with the help of SEO, the business gets transformed digitally and other factors will not affect your business.

With SEO done right, this is how a website gets digitally transformed:

  • Your digitally transformed business becomes searchable
  • Organic searches will be streamlined
  • Increases user experience to a large extent
  • Allows sustained website user engagement
  • Adds Content Value Addition
  • Gains authority and rises in the rank ladder of searches
  • Builds Credibility as per the Google SEO metrics

In short, when you have an SEO website, it means that you have proven to have authority and expertise in that particular business. With SEO, you help Google understand that you have the information that its users or customers are asking for. The more satisfied their users are, the more the website gains credibility. This is possible only when you have SEO for your website transformation.

If you are ready to gear up the website to its complete earning potential, SEO is the way to go. To know further about this, first, understand why SEO and Google have a connection. Then further on, we have explained the most proven reasons why any business needs SEO to sustain and grow exponentially.

The SEO – Google Relationship

Google is the biggest search engine that we have as of now. It simply goes to prove that any business that needs to be marketed online, has to be present on Google. Now, Google makes sure to add value to every search query that comes across. They filter the best search results through various methods and one powerful method is SEO.

So, if the website is technologically configured with the necessary elements of SEO, then you can be assured that your website will be ranked on the first page of Google. Oh, by the way, this is not a one time effort too. Let’s remind you, that Google keeps upgrading and researching better ways to use their SEO metrics. Hence, they change the parameters of a quality website also. Only with the help of a well proven digital marketer can you ace the ranking metrics and consistently top the results.

Google makes revenue from these searches and therefore will make sure to give quality results every time you search for anything at all on Google. If your website has to rank, professional digital marketers, make sure that your website answers the queries, and structures the website in an optimized style – so that Google gets convinced that your website is a match for the search queries that the users pose.

Reasons Why Every Business needs to use SEO

1. Quality organic website traffic attained

Did you know that most revenue generating websites have earned organic website traffic on Google? This is a factor that Google considers in terms of the quality of the website. Since Google owns more than 75% of the search business, if your website gets organic traffic through Google, it means business sustained business. With SEO, you can drive qualified traffic with the right content and no fluff. People appreciate quality always, so SEO guides you on what to provide your customers.

2. SEO effectiveness never stops

One of the less known SEO boons is that if it is done right, the positive effects of SEO will support the website and the business. The results will not stop overnight, and hence you will stay in the spotlight for a reasonable amount of light. The process of SEO is more fulfilling when a step by step strategic Seo content plan is administered at periodic intervals.

3. Builds Trust & Credibility

Talking about trust for a person or a website, what do you value the most? In terms of a person, It would be their knowledge and the way they address your communications in the best way possible. When it comes to the website, it should be easily searchable, and visible on the search engines, and the content should be useful for the user. How would you know what is useful for your end user or whether your communication was done right?

4. SEO experts help you rank ahead of your competitors

SEO helps pinpoint the keywords and elements of a website, business, product, and service that have a scope for attention. This is how you stay ahead of your competitors. A reality that you must understand is that just like your business, your competitors will also strive to reach customers through the internet. The SEO metrics when handled by digital marketing experts give the website a proper direction. The website is restructured with meaningful links, and navigation paths so that online users can connect and engage with the website with total ease.

5. First Page Visibility

Take your search habits for instance. How many times have gone past the first page up to the fifth page of your search query? It will be closed to nil. Statistics show user behavior will choose the results that appear only on the first page of the Google search. Naturally, as a business owner, you have to secure your place on the first page. This increases website visibility and properly executed SEO will be a true game changer to any website.

6. Quality content

Quality takes time and expertise and that is what helps any business stand out amid the wild competition that surrounds the industry today. It goes without saying that content should be information rich, authentic, well researched, and interesting. Gone are the days when you fill in blogs or websites with a few keywords and leave Google to crawl them. Today, this does not work just like that. Value based content that actually has relevant information, and builds trust in the website visitor is important. They need to feel – yes this seems great for me. They need to initiate a conversation or service so that the business can earn a qualified sales lead.

7. SEO is cost effective in long term

If you are new to the world of SEO, understand that SEO is not a one day effort and can not materialize in a few hours. The entire process is continual and the effects can be definitely seen on a long term basis. Do you know that the process of going up the page search is long? However, once it reaches the top, then going back down takes time. Meanwhile, when we continually take up SEO optimization strategies into account – the website will stay on top.

8. Limited to Nil Paid campaigns involved

Can’t believe it? Well, this is true and certainly no myth! Proper SEO (much more than playing with random keywords, will direct your website from organic searches. When such organic clicks come in, Google will surely understand the credibility of your content and raise your search rankings. You do not have to invest in paid campaigns, pay per click schemes, as your SEO will help you reach out to the target audience.

9. Attract traffic with SEO

SEO always beats paid clicks as we mentioned before. The traffic they generate is for real and it is bound to last. This is because when your website can answer the search queries posed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, automatically the search provider will connect your website to the concerned user. This will generate organic traffic alone and this is what actually sustains it in the long term.

10. Targetted SEO is powerful

SEO plays with keywords strategically depending on the searches that come about on Google. So, you can be pretty sure that the results will come by. Since a user is always on the lookout for immediate answers; if your SEO centric website presents them innovatively – such clicks can get converted into sales.

11. High conversion rates with SEO content

Did you know that SEO content can yield 90 % more leads and conversion rates compared to PPC? In fact, people do not prefer to click on an advertisement these days. So, with SEO you will be able to reach out to the user without any ads or any other form of indirect compulsion.

12. Increase the probability of leads

SEO is never to be regarded as magic, as Alexa statistics show that most leads are generated from search engines. A website is ranked on a search engine only when it contains SEO. Here you are investing in a strategy that convinces your customers in a legit manner with quality content and easy accessibility. This is why it will lead to a better and proven set of lead conversions. Whether you are a small business, a new one, or even a well established one, the change in website user visits will be noticeable.

13. SEO brings down the cost per acquisition

We all know the exorbitant advertising costs that keep coming up every day. This is something that businesses have not kept away from for all these years. However, with SEO in the picture such aspects can get more affordable. Even if you cannot read google analytics or spot out how to place your paid campaign, it is totally fine. A good SEO expert will increase the website ranking with the right keywords, and website structuring, and also place appropriate links. The end result will bring up the visibility of the website, without spending money on various modes of marketing. You can cut down on that part and instead on adding value to your product or service.

14. Quality Link Building helps boost business collaborations

As the business website ranking rises, this adds credibility to the website links. This process of uplifting any website to a reputable DR is possible with the help of quality link building. This way, businesses can collaborate with third party service providers, place links and gain various business opportunities in this way.

15. Quit Cold Calling

You can forget about traditional marketing methods like cold calling, SMS, newspapers, magazines, and flyers to attract your target audience. Most of the time, you will be calling random people who never actually wanted the product or service. This will set a negative impression on the business, With SEO, interested people will come to you as your content will speak silently for you via the searches.

16. One Place for all Digital Marketing Plans and online marketing initiatives

Normally, companies outsource various staff for social media posts, digital marketing, web based marketing, etc. In SEO, a comprehensive approach is taken, whereby all these activities are integrated and taken care of from scratch. With the help of data analytics, technological expertise, and insight into user behavior, SEO experts will cover long and short term marketing plans in their strategies.

17. Your 24/7 PR expert with a strong online presence

With SEO, businesses can enjoy having a sustained online web presence around the clock. Backed by the necessary strategies, content, and technology frameworks, SEO helps to boost the website’s quality, visibility, and user experience.

18. SEO leverages the business value

When you give quality, your consumers are bound to appreciate and trust you always. In SEO, the focus is on providing what your customer wants to know about you, This will be presented on the web in an optimized manner, which is considered merit as per Google Metrics. If your content has value and tends to answer the queries posed on a search, then Google will list your website for the user., The more you are ranked on the first page of Google means more people see and visit your website. This is what the business value addition process is all about. In short, this is a worthy investment every business can take as there are no issues but only gains – when done by experts,

19. SEO can enhance website online security

As per the SEO parameters, even the website security, the link quality URL relevance is always checked. So, businesses will have to follow the SEO guidelines, to make the website secure. In general website users always prefer to visit secure websites. Google makes sure to highlight secure websites in the higher ranks.

20. Faster websites

Since the images, videos, and content of the website are optimized as per SEO guidelines, the websites will load faster, This keeps users happy and reduces the bounce rate of your website. The lesser bounce rates and the more time they spend on your business website, that is good indicators for business.

21. SEO is device friendly

We ain’t simply talking. In the past, a website was visible only on desktops. So, when mobile use came up, such websites were not appreciated much, Today, when businesses use SEO, the entire website will be guided to be responsive to any device that users may use today. This kind of mobile based index listing on Google started in 2021. So, you do not lose customers, as SEO optimized websites will only be listed on the search engines.

22. User Experience is taken care of

With SEO, every business will find a substantial difference in the way the website is visited and used. A happy user will spend more time on the website and that means the information is engaging and useful for them. Google takes such user experiences into account and ensures that only the best websites are displayed on the first page.

23. SEO has scope for immense growth in business

In 2020, worldwide businesses have invested almost about $80 billion in SEO services. Owing to its capacity to bring results to the table, this number is said to be growing, Smart businesses are run on online platforms rather than offline solely now. With SEO, businesses have been able to increase their customer base and sell to customers across the globe, instead of just depending on the local crowds.

24. Not just business, but brand awareness is elevated

With SEO, we had mentioned that the business website will be ranked better and reach the right consumer as required. Along with digital marketing, emphasis is given to brand awareness also. So, the target audience will be aware of all the boons of the product at large. This makes them familiar and comfortable with the brand. In normal online marketing, this is not done and that is what keeps people aloof from connecting further, With SEO, a bond is created with proper awareness in the form of video content, images, tutorials, and much more.

25. SEO builds your social media followers

With SEO, the right inclusion of hashtags, content posts, and communications with social media will be more organized. Depending on the trends, and analytics, SEO can fine tune the way each business and brand communicates with the public. That will over time build an authentic connection with the right consumer.

On a Final Note

SEO plays multiple roles when it comes to assisting a business to grow, sustain and compete with competitors. Depending on what your goals are, the SEO strategies can be customized to meet them tactfully. Earn from the lessons that quantifiable analytical data present on how when, how, and what SEO can do for the business. Secure your business in the coming financial year with the power of SEO, as it pinpoints what to eliminate and what to work on in a website. Instead of working a lot, work smart with the assistance of SEO.


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