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Reddit Karma -Simple Guide to Post Karma, Comment Karma & How to earn them

If you are a newbie to Reddit, we know how it feels. The Reddit world looks like a zombie world and there are some characters like Upvotes, Downvotes, Threads, Posts, images, some random threads, and much more. Somehow we fail to find the connection between each of these, and then Mr. Karma says he decides how we all exist on this platform. Truly messy! 

Hey chill, coz the puzzle is not that bad. We just need to know where to take the detour. So let’s spend some quality time with Reddit Karma on this page. By the way, any ideas on ‘What is the highest Reddit Karma ever received?’

Reddit Karma is inevitably one of the most discussed topics among the Digipreneurs today. 

Many times, Internet experts have compared this concept to the status symbol that one could attain to get noticed on the Internet. In one shot, this could be the ticket to help your content get noticed. What’s your take on this?

Often readers are on a wild hunt for the answers to these golden questions: What is this Reddit Karma? Why do I need it? How does the Reddit Karma work after all? And What’s the connection between this glamorous Karma in the technological world? 

If so, you are in luck, as I have broken this complex, yet trending topic right down below, By the way, if you are a start-up owner, or a digital expert, a content marketeer, then let me tell you- that Reddit can bring in waves of attention to your website, service, product. 

Surprised? Don’t be, but guys this is not so simple, you need to have karma to enjoy the attention. So, learn how to attain your Reddit Karma in the easiest way along with me!

Introduction to Reddit Karma

According to Reddit, Reddit Karma is a novel system of voting for each content that is published on the Reddit platform. People have the freedom to view each content, assess it, give their opinions about the topic per se.

The posts that receive the most interaction or comments are the ones that gain a lot of Karma. More Reddit Karma means that the content is being noticed within the Reddit Community and will be pushed to the top of the search results. 

Just register onto the platform, and post your thoughts, images,  and links. 

Figuring out the topics?

Everything under the sun is shared on this platform, people can agree or disagree with the facts, suggest alternatives, advise, and so on.

The Reddit Karma of an account will grow based on the popularity created by content. Since this is monitored by a bot, that puts a full-time check on spam. If you do check the website, you will notice that there are many Reddit groups within it. 

All registered members can post in any of these groups, provided they follow the rules. If not, their comment or post will be regarded as spam and may get rejected by the Reddit bot.

Like I mentioned above, people can agree to a certain piece of content. If they do, they can UpVote. On the contrary, if they don’t they can DownVote.

Let’s unwind the Up and Down game now!

Reddit Karma is more than the Upvote & Downvote game (How does it work?)

Okay, the story goes like this. Haven’t you seen the elections? If someone stands in as a candidate, there would be some people liking this guy or girl, then supporting them and so that person wins the elections finally.

Compare this to Reddit, you post something, or comment anything at all (of course connected to the topic at hand ), and what happens?

Some support it and they vote for the post or comment. That is called the Up Vote

On the downside, if they are not impressed by the post or comment, then that brings in the entry of the Down Vote. 

The more Up Votes each post or comment earns, this means that more Karma points will be earned. Hey, don’t let that flatter you away and this is a piece of cake!

If you get a lot of Down-Votes, that simply means your Karma points are ready to head for a downtrend! 

The Upvote is positive and would increase your Karma points, whereas the DownVote is highly negative and would bring down your Reddit Karma.

The Ouch Factor 

Another point you need to remind your mind is that, you cannot buy these upvotes from anywhere, you need to earn it, from your virtual Reddit mates. So, keep a close eye on what you plan to post or comment on this platform! You surely don’t wanna nudge the wrong foot, ideologies, or sentiments of anyone around the globe, do you?

So, all your Upvotes and Karma Points are hard-earned. No, cheat sheets on this one!

How would you identify the Upvote / Downvote?

Well, when you comment or post on Reddit, you would be able to see a small upward arrow. That is the Upvote. If you support someone, then you need to click on the up arrow and support their comment. 

After the up arrow comes a number, which signifies the number of points earned for that particular post. 

After that, you could see a downward arrow icon, which signifies the Downvote. This is clicked on when one disagrees with that particular comment or post. 

Sometimes, in the midst of these three, you may see a plus sign also. It is not common, but still, there are chances of it popping up. That is added in by Reddit, to alert the Reddit audience that the topic of discussion is controversial. 

For this, you may notice that it may have an almost equal number of votes (either up or down), as there will be supporters and haters to every opinion, right?

The World of Karma Algorithms

Hopefully, you would have got an idea of how the Reddit Karma, but that’s not all. There are more dynamics to this, so read on further.

Best time to post on Reddit

The logic here is simple. Since most of the Reddit users are from the USA, it would be only sensible if you post anything at all when they are wide awake. 

As a general tip, it would be great to post during the weekends and on Mondays, and the early birds have some of the best chats. So, you can post between 6 A.M. and 9 A.M. 

It would be great to remind yourself that Reddit hates excessive self-promotion posts and if you go for a wild goose chase with your posts, they are going to mark you as spam. That is certainly not pretty. 

Of course, you describe your ideas and business in an elegant, informative manner. 

Then if you are eyeing the gossip content, that is also certainly not welcome.

Importance of Reddit Karma: Can you benefit from Reddit Karma?

There has been a buzz on Reddit Karma and so why is it such a big determinant of success for Reddit users?

Karma is basically your cookie points of being trusted and accepted for any topic in a SubReddit. If you need the viewers to receive your opinions/ suggestions weel, then usually the Karma points will do the talking.

What is Post Karma in Reddit?

Whenever we post anything in a SubReddit, it gets a vote. It could be a simple text post or even an external link. This is Post karma, as each vote is taken as karma. It will be displayed on your profile also. So, if a person wants to view your profile, they can hover on your username and easily get a glimpse of the breakdown of the Post Karma and the Comment Karma.

What is the Comment Karma in Reddit?

Whenever you submit a comment against a post, the upvotes that the comment gets will be regarded as Comment Karma.

Are there some techniques on how to gain my Reddit Karma?

Oh yes, there are a few steps you need to follow to get on the right track of gaining Karma points on Reddit. Let’s see what they are:

  • Big & Popular Subreddits will help you: There are huge Reddit groups like r/future, r/AskReddit, and r/funny, where you can post in your comments in any of the threads that turn up. The bigger they are, you need to respond to the conversations, leaving you a greater possibility of getting noticed and attaining the karma points.
  • Understanding the SubReddit: Before posting any link or commenting, you need to understand the niche of the subreddit. If you post irrelevant things, it will be considered spam.
  • Follow Rules: Once you join any SubReddit, make sure that the rules are carefully read and understood. Going against them may ban you from the community. To know their policies, you can check Reddit’s Content Policy and walk on the safe side of their rules.
  • Interactive timings: In every SubReddit, you can see how many people are online at a certain point in time. Over a week’s study, you will notice when the members are most active here. Based on that, you can post or comment, and increase your chances of visibility.

How to increase Reddit Karma?

Have you ever wondered if there are any strategies to improve your Reddit karma count? Well, this is something everyone keeps pondering about, as Reddit is not very self-explanatory on how this Karma Algorithm works. 

  • Point to note: Newcomers are generally not given a warm welcome inside this system, and they need to work on how to build and grow their Karma points. This is because Reddit feels that newcomers do not have substantial authority over a subject and hence need to prove and earn their points.
  • Understanding terms: If you need to be the master in anything, you need to study it well. In this case, take your time to study The Reddit Glossary and understand the terminology used here. This will help you interact with the Reddit culture in a most amicable manner.
  • Only Relevant Response: Do not reply just for the sake of replying. Quality replies get karma points and that is what you need.
  • Leave Negative: Quit being harsh or negative in your comments or posts. It just brings more hate. It may bring in a few votes, but you may be regarded as a spammer in a short while.
  • Unique Posts can go viral: If you have different funny, and informative posts, they can be readily accepted and commented upon by people. It could be a controversial topic, but you can present it in an elegant manner.
  • First one comment: Try to keep watching the latest posts and comment as soon as possible. It will earn you upvotes which will convert into karma points.
  • Footprints on r/AskReddit: This is one of the largest member communities within Reddit. You can either ask questions or answer anything sensibly. If people are happy with your opinion, your upvote may just climb up quickly.

Winding Up

As such, there is no magical formula for anyone to follow and get more karma points on Reddit. On the basis of the rules laid down on Reddit and over the years, this is what experience has taught us on Reddit. 

In short, be active, be sensible in your communications, and yes, do not get addicted to this vicious trap of grabbing more Karm points. Make an impression where you feel you can, voice your opinion only where you feel you need. Do not gossip or spam any SubReddit. 

Your Karma will grow if people trust your posts and comments. Period.

 If you would like to know more probable sub-Reddit communities that you can be part of, feel free to have a discussion with us. We could channelize your Reddit popularity strategically.

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