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Find High traffic niche Quora Questions

Quora is the question-answer haven for all knowledge seekers and digital marketers.
Today, you would find highly promising digital marketing courses promising to teach you how to pull the right strings for more website traffic..
But yeah, both you and I know it is not so simple.
I share true facts that I have tested and tried, no fluff absolutely!!!

For me, Quora can do wonders, provided you are willing to work and learn what I have to share.

A smart trick to drive traffic to your website/blog by answering best questions to answer on Quora. This simple trick will help you to get some high quality relevant & authoritative traffic from Quora.  

Google the string keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views” 

Instead ‘keyword’ use your exact keyword, for example ‘seo’ 

Quora posts with 1 answer 1 upvote and minimum 1k views - Google Search Results

You will get google search results from Quora in your niche with a minimum of ‘1000’ views and only ‘1’ answer with a single or less upvotes.  

Results for site seo 1 answer view 1 upvoter k views

Here is the result of a sample google search we did for the keyword ‘seo’

Quora search result with 1k + views & 1 upvote

How do you benefit from this trick?

Step 1 – Write a genuine authoritative answer to these questions and get yourself 2 upvotes to become the top answer. Basically you need to get one more upvote than your competitor to be on top of the answer loop in Quora. 

Step 2
– Write a high quality, plagiarism-free blog on your website on the same topic with all relevant information and link back to the same from the already written Quora answer.

Step 3
Share this post via your social media platforms. Simultaneously, outreach it to the prominent industry experts and their subsidiary social connections.If you earn tweets, likes, shares, comments on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and many more, you are on the right track!

The more social engagement, you earn, the gears up the trustworthiness and authority of your post.

3 things that this strategy helps you to achieve 

  • To build relevant meaningful backlinks from Quora. 
  • Drive highly relevant traffic which you can easily convert if you have the right funnels. 
  • Some great popular content ideas for your posts which you can rank on top of Google SERPS if planned well.
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