LogicRanks Testimonial from Jerry Gordon – The Black Wealth Company

Jerry Gordon | Atlanta

Ranking Website on first page of Google.de

Long Duc N | Germany

Very trustful freelancer with a deep understanding of SEO. Would hire him again anytime. Thanks!

Get SoHR on the front page of Google

Tommy M | Australia

The important thing about hiring an SEO expert is that: they have up-to-date knowledge, they are passionate about what they do and your site, they are a good communicator and good to work with. Achyuthan gets a double tick in all of these boxes. He is incredibly patient and will explain what needs to be done and why. Of course, what you are wondering is if he delivers results? He certainly does! As I have rank number 1 on a number of important keywords, whilst many others on page 1 and others along the way. I can’t speak for the other SEO people on here, but you won’t go wrong with Achyuthan. This guy is going places…

Website SEO Overhaul

Steve C | United States

The work performed was beyond my expectations. He communicated well, offered additional device and met the project timelines without delay. This professional knows SEO very well and put me into the first page of Google based on my preferred keywords. I will continue to contract him for future projects – excellent work!

SEO for 3 different terms

Travis M | Canada

Cost was $2000 for first page of keyword however the keyword is VERY competitive. In just under 2 months he got me there with constant communication along the way. Will hire for future keywords. “WIZARD OF SEO”

SEO to Move to existing Page 1 site to top of Google

Anton H | Australia

Faultless work, enthusiastic, clear concise communication, will continue to use.

Need High traffic keywords ranked by SEO expert.

Graham . J. | UK

Review – Excellent SEO expert, hard worker and great job done!

Internet Marketing – SEO #1 on Big G

Howard W | United States

Very persistent and reliable above achieving the task at hand.

Links for a Greek travel office

Nodas.M | Greece

This man is what you are looking for: honest, fast, reliable. He is the person I  can trust all my future projects with. 

Search Engine Optimization

Steve C | United States

I highly recommend this SEO expert. Quality of service is very high and results were beyond expectations. First page Google results were obtained for keyword “b2b sales” before the estimated completion date of the project. I plan to use this expert again for future projects – excellent work!