Black Wealth Company Case Study

The Black Wealth Company Case Study   


From aligning the client’s goals to the final product to pinpointing each and every criterion that makes a website optimized, self-explanatory, and a joy for the viewer – is what Logic Ranks has been able to successfully implement for The Black Wealth Company. 


Presenting a financial expert who had received a lot of accolades, and had been the rescue space of finance for many – in the most simple, elegant manner with a ring of trustworthiness and confidence was the mission we had to accomplish. 

Dealing with a project of a niche that we were new to – was the biggest challenge that we had to tackle. Thankfully, our mutual understanding helped to work things out in the best possible way. 

Two vital points that helped us surpass every challenge were: Heavy Brainstorming and Trust between both teams across the global borders. This way, both the teams were on the same page and understood – what to do when, how, and also had a clear-cut idea of the results to be achieved. 

Quality and customer satisfaction are of utmost for us. When you look for perfection, every corner of the website has been magnified to check for errors or glitches. So that was time-consuming indeed. 


Six Challenges that we had to deal with

1. The merger of Digital Concepts with his Personality:  There was a need for a brand new website, without compromising the fame and leads that he was attaining from the present website. Being a well-known personal financial expert/consultant, we had to make sure that this digital upliftment will not cause him to lose his charisma and customer base.

2. Extensive Brainstorming:
The personal finance niche was new to us and we made sure to understand the subject straight from the expert itself- Mr. Jerry Gordon

3. Competitor Study/Analysis
: Along with getting his guidance, we made sure to understand the niche market and also the other players in the market, by doing a competitor analysis.

4. User Experience:
We wanted to make sure that our new UI would give the users a great experience 

5. Implementing The Search Quality Guidelines, ‘E’, ‘A’,  ‘T’
:  With proper research, we had to ensure that every page on the website fulfilled the parameters like Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This was especially important as the users who were searching through the Big G.

6. Optimal Testimonial Usage:
  Since Jerry was famous for his financial expertise, he had received a lot of testimonials but never had been able to put it for optimal use. With our collaboration, we have inserted them optimally into the new website

How we tackled the challenge in LogicRanks style?


The Process Flow 

1. Extensive Keyword Research 

Based on the niche, the location, the target audience, and few other crucial parameters, we initially conducted an extensive keyword search. This has definitely helped us align the right keywords with the search intent, thereby getting our SEO on the right track.

2. Detailed Study of Ranking Websites

After a thorough keyword hunt, the next phase of analysis would be to check what makes certain websites rank better than the rest. For this, their keyword, their style, their image quality, the Website Ul and engagement, and SEO factors are considered. 

3. Product Architecture

With a structure in hand, we prepared a detailed section by section note/document that all the pages, which had to be shown to the viewers. This particular document comprised of a detailed breakdown of required slides, for eg, 

What is it?
How is it?
Why do you need this?
Benefits & Features. Etc 

We cross-checked with Jerry for his opinion. Once he confirmed the plan/document was moved forward to the Ui/Ux Engineering/Design Team. 

Menu Format Structure

We got the website menus developed as in the below format :

  About Us

    Life Insurance
    Stock Market Education
    Stock Market Alerts 


Contact Us

Login Now & Social Media Buttons

4(b) Ui/Ux Design

  • Have designed around 15 pages for the website.
  • After a lot of iterations, we finalised one design & presented it to Jerry. 
  • Our Ui/Ux designer has his own way of research & every time he delivers a design it always brings a ‘wow’ factor which was the case here as well.  
  • One thing he came up with on this one is big fonts & letters, stating the reason as it gives clarity, learning something Jerry’s clients didn’t know so far, confident feel to the users. 
  • Jerry’s clientele were common people who were looking for financial independence. From the testimonial videos, we learned that those who reach out to Jerry are those who might be in a financial mess & looking for a way out. They considered him as a go-to financial expert who helped them to structure a plan for their financial matters, which gave them peace of mind & literally that was the biggest challenge we had to resolve through the User Interface by giving such a User experience. 
  • Finally, we presented the Ui & he got awestruck by the way his business has been presented
  • After suggesting some minute changes he finalised the Ui & that’s what you are experiencing right now. 

4(c). Website Development

  • After confirming the Ui/Ux we pushed it to our HTML developer who converted all the PSD to HTML. 
  • He then made it responsive (mobile optimized as well). 
  • Parallally we started the WordPress development for the HTML pages & made sure that it was bug-free. 
  • It took us around 30 – 45 days to complete the HTML & WordPress but nevertheless to say what we saw was pure gold.

4(d). Content Updation

  • Parallel to the finished WordPress pages, we started updating the content starting with About Us. 
  • As we moved on we had to do some tweaks (approved ones) since the content Jerry was narrating/providing had to sync in with the design & successfully we moved on with the changes. 
  • When we say content, the content has been structured in ‘5’ formats. 
  1. Headings/Captions/Bullet points
  2. Text => The written text what we can read now
  3. Images => Jerry did some photoshoots before & now. We had to place the right photos. Already we did most of it while we were developing Ui but the rest of the images had to be photoshopped & uploaded by shredding its file size & by obeying the SEO parameters. (alt tags & descriptions).
  4. Videos – Right now the site has ‘12’ videos, 9 being testimonials itself.
  5. FAQ – Proper questions & answers for each page & aggregating & showing it on the FAQ page. 
  • Altogether, It took us again 30 – 40 days to update everything & after covering each and every bit & brick of it, the site was ready to serve Jerry’s clients.

5. Continued Followup at every phase of work

Communication was the key monitor of accomplishment for us. After completion of every page or design, we would get back to Jerry, take up a consultation at least 2-3 times a week. This has helped everyone be on the same page of understanding and expectation throughout the project. 


An optimized website that reflected all the dynamics of what our client wanted and also what any digital expert would certify as top-notch technological excellence,

We implemented Google’s Search Quality Guidelines: the ‘E’ – Expertise, ‘A’ – Authoritativeness & ‘T’ – Trustworthiness in every webpage by embedding it in the UI/UX designs. 

A streamlined work process was maintained from the start, thereby ensuring that everyone involved in this project was on the same page. This had led to more transparency and reliability of interaction with the client. At the end of the day, the lesson is that we were able to prove and display everything that we promised to give the client. 

Behind the Scenes

A puzzle when solved brings you utmost joy and that is what we at LogicRanks felt while working through every phase of this project. Of course, there are two faces to share when explaining our interactions with the Black Wealth Company. 

Firstly, Achyuthan were/was able to click on an immediate rapport with our client – Mr. Jerry Gordon. For a project to sail to its successful completion, essentially, we need to communicate, brainstorm and most of all have an attitude to trust each other. Well, this business magnate was humble and trusted us from day one as we explained and showed him all the processes of our work and explained the nuances of what makes our work result-oriented.

Secondly, when we commit a project, the team handles the various phases of work with complete coordination and sincerity, leaving out any space for mishaps or errors of any sort. Our work is exactly what we would want to get from any Digital Outreach expert. So, with that perfection in mind, we make sure to fit the jigsaw puzzle correctly right from day one.

Before getting to know all the strings we pulled off to give good results, you need to get a gist of the bond that Jerry has had with us. That would date back to the year 2018.  


Who is Jerry Gordon – The Man behind The Black Wealth Company ?

 Mr. Jerry Gordon, launched his company in 2012, with a mission to aid millions of Black Americans in making the right investments, thereby growing their wealth and financial security. The Black Wealth Company – The Financial FengShui is an independent  Life Insurance company that helps to effectively protect, guide, and transfer wealth to the right financial products as per the client requirements.

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